Is Liability Insurance Right for Your Small Business?

We know how important insurance can be in our personal life, whether it be for our car, home, or our health. As a small business owner, it may seem as though you have an endless to-do list, and liability insurance might not sit high on that list. But it should! Having the right insurance can … Continued

How To Increase Your Business’ Visibility in Your Community

Whether your business is big or small, finding ways to boost recognition in the community you are in is incredibly important. Doing so can not only build a loyal customer base but also allows you to tap into the immense value in cultivating a local audience. There has been exponential growth over the years in … Continued

Google My Business is Now Google Business Profile

At the beginning of November 2021, Google announced they remodelled their local business directory, Google My Business. Now called Google Business Profile, the search platform includes simplified ways for businesses to claim, update, and verify their profile. For business owners who created a profile using the tool’s previous name (Google My Business), there’s no need … Continued

4 Reasons Why Print Remains a Business Opportunity in a Digital World

Many are quick to discredit the importance of print now that it seems like digital content has taken the reigns in the marketing world. With individuals consuming considerable amounts of digital media, particularly in the last year, there can be natural gravitation to produce strictly digital forms of marketing materials (such as digital advertisements, social … Continued

How Small Businesses Should Prepare for a Post-COVID Rebound

Your small business has likely changed the ways it operates throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in more ways than one. Whether you have implemented curbside pickup, online delivery, or modified your services, it is important to consider how these changes will impact your business going forward. Although it is not entirely clear how the economy will … Continued

3 Reasons Why Customer Testimonials Are Important for Your Business & How to Get Them

Customer testimonials are extremely valuable for any business to accumulate. Not only can they highlight the positive experiences of existing customers, but they can also provide insight for prospective customers who look online before purchasing a product or service. Testimonials act as a useful tool for word-of-mouth marketing, which remains a resourceful strategy that small … Continued

How to keep up your productivity when working from home 

The dreary period from January to March tends to be the least motivating stretch of the year in the best of times, let alone during a pandemic. As COVID-19 continues to sequester many of us in our homes in 2021, the need to revive productivity seems more crucial than ever. Overcome the challenges of working … Continued

Here’s How The UPS Store Can Help During the Pandemic

As a small business owner, your world has likely been changed greatly since COVID-19 disrupted operations. The UPS Store is here to help you and your customers adjust to the new normal. Here are just a few of the ways we can assist your small business during this transition: PRINTING SERVICES Let Your Customers Know … Continued

Tips For Shipping Items with Hazardous Materials

Shipping items that are considered hazardous materials or that can produce a hazardous reaction can often be a tricky process to navigate. To help you prepare, we have provided some tips to keep in mind before you bring out the bubble wrap. Shipping Hazardous Materials Materials that may be deemed hazardous are not as extreme … Continued

Best Practices and Etiquette Tips for Video Meetings

With the emergence COVID-19 and working remotely, many of our meetings have suddenly turned virtual. Luckily, thanks to software programs like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, it’s easy to have safe, socially distanced meetings. This new era of video conferencing also comes with a new set of guidelines. Here are some best practices … Continued