Re-Opening Your Business? Here’s How The UPS Store Can Help

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As a small business owner, your world has likely been changed greatly since COVID-19 disrupted operations. The re-opening process is slowly starting to unfold, and The UPS Store is here to help you and your customers adjust to the new normal. Here are just a few of the ways we can assist your small business during this transition:


Let Your Customers Know You’re Open

Back in business? It’s time to spread the word! Let customers know you can continue to provide service with custom vinyl weatherproof banners, sidewalk signs, feather flags, posters, flyers, direct mail and more. The UPS Store can help you print any materials (including wide format) you may need to attract your customers’ attention.

Online Printing – A Contactless Solutions

Ordering your printed products online has never been even easier with The UPS Store’s Online Print Tool. Whether you need updated marketing materials, brochures, postcards, posters, menus, flyers or feature sheets, The UPS Store can print it all! Order online, pay via phone, and you can pick it up curbside or have it shipped it right to your doorstep for contactless delivery.

Print Single-Use Menus

As the restaurant and hospitality industries begin to slowly re-open, new safety standards are being put in place. As you resume dine-in service, consider the benefits of laminating your menus for easy sanitization or printing one-time-use menus for your patrons. Single-use or disposable menus can provide peace of mind to customers by limiting contact with frequently handled menus while ordering, and allows restaurants to frequently change their menu based on seasonality and demand. Printed menus can also be added to delivery and takeout orders to easily encourage repeat business. Save time and maintain safety with disposable menus printed at The UPS Store.

Custom Printing

If your business is now offering curbside pickup, consider custom labels to add to their purchases as a low-cost branding element. We can also help you print custom carry-out bags adorned with your logo and branding.

Print Safety Posters

The way your business operates post-COVID-19 has likely changed. Need some safety posters to communicate these changes to your customers? We have created templates for social distancing signage and more available to print in a variety of sizes. Order at a store near you or use our Online Print Tool. See samples and learn more here.

Supplement Your Home Office

Still working from home and missing your work printer?  The UPS Store can help. We can assist with colour or black & white prints. Order prints online, pay via phone, and pick them up curbside. We also offer faxing, scanning and shredding services.

MAIL & Package Receiving Services

If your business has limited hours and you’re expecting shipments that you don’t want to leave unattended, or if you’re uncomfortable accepted deliveries, you can reroute your packages to The UPS Store near you. Our package receiving service is completely free to sign up, and you only pay for any packages we receive on your behalf! We will accept and hold packages from any carrier. Consider also our mail receiving solutions. You can rent a mailing address if you don’t want your mail or packages delivered to your business until you’re fully operational, or as a precautionary measure for potential short-term shut downs in future.


Are some of your employees continuing to telecommute? Businesses who need to ship documents back and forth can easily set up a house account at The UPS Store nearest them.

From one small business to another, The UPS Store is here to help. To find your nearest location, please click here.

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