Should I Use TikTok for My Small Business?

How much do you know about TikTok, the wildly popular video creation site with users in 150 countries? You may be surprised to learn it was the world’s second-most downloaded app in 2019, with more than 700 million users added last year alone. Only WhatsApp was downloaded more often. About 12 months ago, TechCrunch dubbed … Continued

Working with a multilingual workforce

Canada is officially a bilingual country, but the truth is that dozens, if not hundreds, of different languages are spoken at workplaces across the nation every single day. Besides English and French, you’re likely to find employees at different businesses communicating in indigenous languages, or a wide variety of foreign languages and dialects from their … Continued

What Kinds of Business Documents Should be Shredded?

Smart small business owners know how important it is to protect sensitive information and keep it out of the wrong hands. That means having systems in place to make sure digital files and records are safe and secure. Just as important, of course, is how you handle all the paper that passes through your workplace, … Continued

Shipping Medication? Here’s What You Need to Know

The temperature has plunged and the snow is starting to pile up. Winter and the Christmas holiday season will soon be upon us. It’s the time of year when many Canadians, especially seniors, look to escape south to sunny destinations, some for several months at a time. Almost everyone who’s ever headed out on holiday … Continued

Secure Delivery Options for Online Shoppers Over the Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, more and more shoppers are turning to online retailers to purchase everything on their list. In fact, it’s predicted that ecommerce sales will reach a new high by 2021, with an anticipated growth rate of 265% by 2021. If you shop online frequently, you understand the frustrations that can come … Continued

Should You Hire a Family Member to Work at Your Small Business?

Have you ever thought about bringing your brother or sister on board as an employee at your small business? Maybe you intend to groom a son or daughter to take over for you one day. Or perhaps you’ve partnered up with your spouse, adding a professional element to your marriage. Many people at businesses big … Continued

Business Networking Tips for Introverts

  Chances are you’ve heard a lot about how important it is for small business owners to make the most of networking opportunities. There’s undisputed value in striving to constantly expand your base of potential clients, industry connections, and professional acquaintances. Sounds great in principle, right? But what if you’re an introvert, the kind of … Continued

What You Need to Know About Business Credit Cards

Do you and the staff at your small business use business credit cards for work-related purchases and expenses? Or are you besieged by offers for business credit card products, but unsure which one is right for you? Many small business owners enjoy the benefits of using business credit cards. Besides being a simple way to … Continued

Why Visual Content Marketing is Crucial for your Small Business

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase countless times: A picture is worth a thousand words. In content marketing terms, however, that ratio might well be much higher. The visuals you use as part of your content creation efforts often play a crucial role in determining whether your overall strategy succeeds or falls short. So, what … Continued

How to Manage Millennial and Gen Z Employees

How many different generations do you have working as employees at your small business? These days, it’s not uncommon to count three or possibly even four distinct generational groups among the people on your team. When hiring these days, the bulk of your applicants are likely to be millennials (those born between the early 1980s … Continued