The Environmental Benefits of Shredding

We already know the advantages of shredding our documents when it comes to getting organized and protecting our privacy. Unlike throwing documents in the trash, shredding is a secure way to destroy sensitive and identifying materials. However, standard home office shredders do not have the capacity to shred substantial amounts of paper efficiently, and only … Continued

How to keep up your productivity when working from home 

The dreary period from January to March tends to be the least motivating stretch of the year in the best of times, let alone during a pandemic. As COVID-19 continues to sequester many of us in our homes in 2021, the need to revive productivity seems more crucial than ever. Overcome the challenges of working … Continued

Here’s How The UPS Store Can Help During the Pandemic

As a small business owner, your world has likely been changed greatly since COVID-19 disrupted operations. The UPS Store is here to help you and your customers adjust to the new normal. Here are just a few of the ways we can assist your small business during this transition: PRINTING SERVICES Let Your Customers Know … Continued

Best Practices and Etiquette Tips for Video Meetings

With the emergence COVID-19 and working remotely, many of our meetings have suddenly turned virtual. Luckily, thanks to software programs like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, it’s easy to have safe, socially distanced meetings. This new era of video conferencing also comes with a new set of guidelines. Here are some best practices … Continued

Poster Design Tips and Templates

Posters, if designed correctly, can be a great source for publicity and attracting new clients to your business. Posters are one of the oldest and most tried types of marketing and are an effective way to draw attention to your location, events, sales, and more. Although there is not one correct way to make a … Continued

How to Celebrate Small Business Month

October is Small Business Month, and given the pandemic and everything small businesses are currently facing, it’s shaping up to look a lot different this year. Typically, it’s a month filled with networking events and trade shows, but even if those events are cancelled this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t still participate. Discover how … Continued

Tips to Motivate Your Employees During Uncertain Times

As many companies continue to have their employees work remotely or adapt to new social distancing regulations in the office, it can be difficult to motivate and inspire employees to stay positive. It’s important to show your staff how much they mean to you to maintain morale and keep things productive and profitable. As employees … Continued

How to Deal with Negative Social Media Attention Surrounding Your Business

Social media and smartphones have completely changed the way that businesses and customers interact. Companies can now have direct, unmediated communication channels with customers, while customers can let others know about their experiences in real time. On one hand, these new technologies have improved the dialogue between businesses and consumers, making it easier than ever … Continued

How to Effectively Start a Home-Based Business in 2020

Your professional circumstances may have changed due to Covid-19, and you may be considering launching a home-based business of your own. Having a home-based business can offer many advantages, like lower operating costs and the ability to grow at your own pace. At-home businesses do not limit your business potential. In fact, some of the … Continued

How Small Businesses Can Mitigate Costs During Slowdowns

COVID-19 has made a huge impact on small businesses and their bottom line. A recent CIBC study found that 81 percent Canadian small business owners say the pandemic has negatively impacted their operations, and 32 percent worry about the viability of their business over the next year. Even though stores are beginning to reopen, many … Continued