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Creative Ideas for Personalized Holiday Gifts for Clients

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It’s the season of giving, a time of year when many small business owners like to show their gratitude to loyal clients with a holiday gift. One way to ensure those gifts deliver the impact and positive association you’re hoping for is by personalizing them. That way, it’s not just another logo pen destined to get stuffed deep in their desk drawer, it’s something that acknowledges their tastes and interests, and will get used time and again.

Here’s a look at a few creative ideas for personalized gifts that your clients would be delighted to receive this holiday season.

A subscription box

Subscription boxes are monthly gift packages of curated items, and all kinds of different themes are available. Perhaps you have a client who’d love to receive regular deliveries of specialty teas and coffees. Maybe your recipient would prefer to taste craft beers, wines, or whiskies. From cured meats and makeup to socks and snacks, you’re sure to find something to fit the tastes of the client you’re trying to thank. The best part? Your work is done once you’ve chosen the box series, but you still get to make a monthly impression on your recipient.

Mugs and coasters

A cup (or two) of tea or coffee is a routine part of the workday for millions of people, no matter what line of business they’re in. In most office environments, the many mugs tend to get mixed up easily, but one with a client’s name on it will always be instantly recognizable as their own. Give personalized mugs and coasters to your clients, and they’ll be reminded of your gift, and your business, on a daily basis. Consider including some of their preferred beverage, whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

A membership

A membership is great way to deliver a thoughtful, personalized gift. Whether it’s a full year or just a few months, you can choose the length of time, and tailor the location to suit your specific recipient. Consider giving them access to a local museum, art gallery, botanical gardens, or zoological park. Perhaps you have a customer who would appreciate a membership to a gym or yoga studio. When it comes to fitness, however, it’s always wise to be certain your gift won’t be taken the wrong way – it should be something you have already spoken about with the client in question.

A charitable donation or sponsorship in their name

Most of us don’t need more stuff in our lives. As such, sometimes the best gift is one that doesn’t give us anything but a warm heart. Choose a charity that’s near and dear to your client and make a contribution in their honour. Many charitable organizations, especially those involving sponsorships of at-risk children or animals, will send regular correspondence to the recipient throughout the year, providing multiple reminders of your generosity on their behalf.

A heartfelt holiday card

In a previous blog, we wrote about some of the ways to make a great holiday card for your clients. Every good card benefits from having a brief personalized note, but if you’ve got something more to say, it can make a real impact. A sincere, genuine message of thanks doesn’t cost much to deliver, but says a lot about the depth of your appreciation. Rather than sending a logo card or something branded, consider choosing a card with a design or image that connects with the client’s personality.

Printed gifts

Stay top of mind all year long with printed gifts such as a calendar or mousepad. Keep your logo and messaging subtle, and be sure to balance your branding with functionality. Learn more about how to design these personalized gifts, and visit The UPS Store near you to have them printed.


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