Tips to Prep for Your Vacation

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Planning a vacation can be an exciting process, but the time leading up to your big trip be overwhelming unless you prepare ahead and have a “vacation to-do list”. Whether you’re getting ready to relax in the sun or spend time with family over the holidays, creating a plan can get you one step closer to all the fun.

Below are some tips to kick-start your vacation prep, including ways The UPS Store can assist. Head over to a location near you for additional details on all our services.

Create a Travel Itinerary

If you’re planning a trip with a large group of people, creating a travel itinerary can be helpful to ensure that everyone is “in the know” and aware of the excursions you have scheduled. You can start by researching some must-see attractions at your destination and plan activities around those.  The UPS Store offers printing services that will print your itineraries in a flash. You can even have your itineraries laminated at The UPS Store to keep them pristine throughout your travels.

Rent a Temporary Mailbox

If you’re leaving for a lengthy amount of time, the last thing you want to worry about is the mail accumulating in your mailbox at home or the need to rely on busy friends or neighbours to pick up your mail for you. If you’re expecting to receive important items like bills, letters, or cheques while you’re away, having peace of mind that everything is safe and secure is important. That’s where our mailbox services can help.

With mail holding and forwarding available at select locations, you can rest assured your mail will be awaiting your arrival. We also have various mailbox sizes, so be sure to contact your neighbourhood location for availability.

Our mailbox services also apply to packages. Don’t miss out on important deliveries while you’re away! With our mailbox services, we can receive packages from any carrier and keep them in a safe location until you’re able to pick them up. By setting up a street address with us, you can input this information in place of your home address, and feel secure in knowledge that packages aren’t piling up on your doorstep in your absence.

Make Photocopies of Important Travel Documents

We rely on technology for so many things, but having physical copies of important documents can be extremely important, especially to act as backups in case technology fails. From travel insurance documents to proof of payments, making copies of key pieces of info and keeping them in different bags will help ensure that if, in the unfortunate event, a bag goes missing, you still have those important documents on hand. Visit The UPS Store near you for all your photocopying needs.

Passport Photos

Speaking of important travel documents, is your passport current? If not, most The UPS Store locations are equipped with passport photo services. Whether it’s for an adult or a child, for a Canadian passport or an international one, The UPS Store can fulfill on your passport photo needs. Renewing your passport online? Digital and printed versions of your passport photos are available. No appointment necessary.

Consider Your Transportation

There can be many different aspects of planning a trip, and the transportation you need to get around can seem like an afterthought. This is why thinking ahead of your travels and considering your itinerary is important. Does renting a car make better sense for your trip? Is transportation covered to and from the airport? Will you be taking public transit while you’re on vacation? Be prepared ahead of time to save you from any future headaches.

Vacation Prep with The UPS Store

The countdown to your vacation is on! Stop by The UPS Store in your neighbourhood and let us help with your planning. Use our handy location finder to see your nearest store, and be sure to check out our detailed FAQ page if you have questions about any of our services. Our in-store team is also here to help and will answer questions about how our services can prepare you for your trip. Bon voyage!


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