How To Make Sure Your Holiday Deliveries Arrive On Time

It’s no surprise that online shopping has become increasingly popular over the past few years, especially around the holiday season. There’s been a surge in e-commerce sales, as well as continued supply chain issues. As a result, retailers and carriers are might struggle to fulfill holiday deliveries. With a huge increase in online orders, coupled … Continued

Preparing Your Return Package – Tips for a Stress-Free Return

That moment when you realize the items you ordered online are not exactly what you thought they were going to be – we’ve all been there. Keep reading to find out how to ensure the return process is as quick and easy as possible, with a little help from The UPS Store. Returning item(s) with … Continued

Secure Delivery Options for Online Shoppers Over the Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, more and more shoppers are turning to online retailers to purchase everything on their list. In fact, it’s predicted that online sales will reach a new highs this year. If you shop online frequently, you understand the frustrations that can come with the delivery of your items, including: Potential theft. … Continued

How Loyalty Programs Can Help Small Businesses Boost Customer Retention

Building strong, long-term relationships with your customers can play a significant role in encouraging repeat customers. Small businesses in particular need to remain at the top of their customers’ minds so that they are not only purchasing from your business, but are thinking of your business for their future needs. A great way to achieve … Continued

Lessons Small Businesses Have Learned from the Pandemic

If there is one thing that all small business owners can agree with, it is that the global COVID-19 pandemic is something most businesses didn’t see coming. Since early 2020, businesses across Canada have felt the impact of the pandemic, from lockdowns to new vigorous safety measures. Some have been forced to close permanently, while … Continued

How Small Businesses Can Gain Visual Identity with Signage

Branding plays an essential role in establishing and maintaining the identity of your business. Your logos, branding and signage should attract attention and communicate your message clearly, which can inspire positive feelings that extend beyond the products and services you’re selling. The amount of time and effort put into branding can often impact a business’ … Continued

The Documents You’ll Need in Case of a Disaster

We all hope that natural disasters won’t strike our communities, but with climate change increasing the frequency of floods, wildfires, and other weather-related emergencies, it’s essential to be prepared for the unexpected. When a disaster hits, most people’s main concern is getting themselves and their family to safety. But once the threat of harm has … Continued

What Type of Cardboard Box Should You Use When Shipping?

When shipping items across long distances, it’s important to choose the correct boxes and cushioning to ensure they arrive safely and in one piece at their destination. Proper packing begins with selecting the right materials. Check out our guide on choosing the most suitable carboard box for your next shipment. Use New, High-Quality Corrugated Boxes: … Continued

The Benefits of Renting a Private Mailbox

As the pandemic continues, many of us are continuing to adjust to the “new normal,” which often includes working from home. But how do you keep your private home life and business life separate when you work where you live? Consider renting a mailbox. Here are just some of the reasons a mail rental can … Continued