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What Is the Pack & Ship Guarantee at The UPS Store?

The UPS Store employee packing items in cardboard box

Sometimes, when it comes to package delivery, “ship” happens along the way. To help alleviate concerns that “ship” may happen to your package, The UPS Store has a solution that can help lessen the worry. It’s our Pack & Ship Guarantee, and it’s only available at The UPS Store.

Below, we’ll take you through our Pack & Ship Guarantee, some of the requirements to qualify, and why it can be a good idea to opt for this protection. For additional information, check out our Pack & Ship Guarantee page here.

What Is The UPS Store’s Pack & Ship Guarantee?

Our Pack & Ship Guarantee offers peace of mind if your package gets damaged or lost either in transit or during delivery. When an item is packaged and shipped by The UPS Store, this shipment add-on offers reimbursement on the item, which can include:

  • The item’s value (subject to the lesser of actual value, replacement or repair cost)
  • The full retail price you paid for packaging materials and services
  • Your cost for shipping (excluding Pack & Ship Guarantee charges)

How Does the Pack & Ship Guarantee Work?

It begins with a visit to The UPS Store. There, your item(s) will be packaged by a Certified Packing Expert using new materials purchased at The UPS Store. The package is then shipped via UPS® using that store’s UPS® account to domestic or international destinations serviced by UPS®.*

*Additional fees apply. Subject to certain geographic limitations. See store for details.

You will be asked during the transaction the value of the item(s) when opting for the Pack & Ship Guarantee. Based on an item’s value, a store associate will provide you with the number of units required to cover this item and the associated cost of each unit.

Since your package must be packed and shipped at The UPS Store to qualify for the Pack & Ship Guarantee, you may also opt to cover the amount you spent on these services (packing and shipping). Doing so means all eligible costs are covered if your package is lost or damaged.

Can I Pre-Pack My Item and Purchase the Pack & Ship Guarantee?

No. When an item is packaged by The UPS Store staff, the item is protected against loss and damage and is not subject to arbitrary decisions by UPS personnel as to the quality of the packaging. If your package has been “pre-packed,” meaning you packed it yourself rather than by a Certified Packing Expert at The UPS Store, and you opt for our Pack & Ship Guarantee, your items will be covered for loss only, not damage.

What is the difference in coverage when using the Pack & Ship Guarantee through The UPS Store versus shipping on my own UPS account?

The Pack & Ship Guarantee is beneficial as it can cover items not traditionally covered by couriers, including personal effects (applicable countries only), breakables, antiques, artwork, jewelry/watches, and document reconstruction. Each will have a maximum amount of coverage, which our associates at The UPS Store will communicate with you. As examples:

 Description                                   The UPS Store                                            UPS Direct

 Personal Effects                         Up to $10,000 per box                      No coverage

 Breakables/Collectibles             Up to $10,000 per box                      No coverage

 Antiques                                     Up to $10,000 per box                      No coverage

 Artwork                                      Up to $10,000 per box                      No coverage

 Document Reconstruction        Up to $500.00 per shipment             No coverage

 Damage Packed by the store     Full coverage                                  Subject to inspection

 Shipping Cost                             Fully covered                                  Limited coverage

 Packaging Cost                           Fully covered                                 No coverage

Does Coverage for Loss Include Theft?

In the unfortunate event someone was to steal your shipped package from a doorstep when your recipient was not home at the time, for example, despite it being designated as safe, our Pack & Ship Guarantee would cover the value of the item(s), the packing, and the shipment (if opted for full coverage). While you can never anticipate instances like this, the Pack & Ship Guarantee can provide one less thing to worry about when shipping.

When the Pack & Ship Guarantee Does Not Apply

There are instances where you cannot add our Pack & Ship Guarantee, such as:

  • Shipments processed through or on your UPS account
  • Shipments packed in materials provided free of charge by any carrier
  • Items shipped via UPS Freight, UPS Supply Chain Solutions or any other carrier
  • Items excluded or restricted from transportation by UPS or in violation of the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service

Please note that the Pack & Ship Guarantee does not apply to any other carrier’s services and is exclusive to The UPS Store.

Meeting Your Shipping Needs

Associates at The UPS Store are skilled in providing quality packing and shipping services. However, in those unpredictable moments where an item is damaged or lost in transit, the Pack & Ship Guarantee can be a shining light.

Visit The UPS Store at a location near you to get started and find out how we can provide the reassurance necessary for a successful shipping process. The UPS Store’s Pack & Ship Guarantee is available at participating locations.

Restrictions and limitations apply. Items shipped by UPS are subject to UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions.

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