Small Business Tax Changes in 2023

Tax season is here again, and with it are some changes that Canadian small business owners need to know. With any new update, we recommend reviewing what has been implemented in previous years to ensure you know what exactly is changing and what that means for your small business. Below are some changes and additions … Continued

Ways To Boost Your Small Business’ Company Culture

Company culture, which you could consider as the “personality” of your business, can play a significant role in how your employees interact with each other, approach and perform tasks, and view their job overall. A strong company culture can look like a collective agreement of values, a shared motivation to achieve business goals, and an … Continued

4 Tips to Achieve Your Small Business Goals In 2023

As a small business owner, setting goals can play an important role in the growth of your business. Goals, big or small, help give you and your employees a target to reach, and  can help direct your business toward even greater success. And while setting goals is not difficult for most business owners, the hard … Continued

How to Jumpstart Sales in the New Year

With the new year right around the corner, now can be an ideal time to start planning how your small business can generate more sales after the holiday rush. While every small business is different, and some sales-boosting tactics might work for some and not others, there are some universal strategies that your small business … Continued

How To Choose the Right Packaging Fillers

Whether you are a small business owner who ships products to customers, or you are looking to personally send items to someone, there are several ways to help protect your items while they are in transit, including selecting the appropriate packaging fillers. In this article we will be reviewing some common packaging fillers used for … Continued

Should Your Small Business Offer Same-Day Delivery?

Playing the delivery waiting game is seemingly part of shopping online, right? But in a world that includes Amazon Prime, Instacart, and other services that can deliver item(s) in a snap, many consumers have become accustomed to the idea of fast delivery and may now expect it, putting long delivery times in the past. As … Continued

Holiday Card Messages to Send to Your Customers

Finding ways to build upon your client/customer relationships as a small business owner can be important for a strong relationship all year long. With the holidays around the corner, sending a personalized memento, such as a holiday card, can be a great way to show you care and that you value their patronage. But the … Continued

Cybersecurity Solutions for Small Businesses

If you think your small business is not at risk for a cybersecurity threat – think again. Small businesses that appear inconspicuous can often be a prime target for those looking to hack into a system. After all, data is data, and to a cyber-attacker looking for information to steal, your stored customer data may … Continued

How to Reduce Shipping Costs for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, finding ways to cut back on operating costs wherever possible is essential, and one way this is possible is with shipping. If you ship products to customers, it may seem like there’s no way around the costs associated with it. And while there are some static costs involved, there are … Continued

Trade Show Prep Checklist

Trade shows are a great opportunity for small business owners to showcase their products and services, network and build connections with other business professionals, increase brand visibility, boost sales and leads, and uncover the latest leading trends in their industry. However, there are many moving parts to a trade show that attendees need to consider. … Continued