What is Your Small Business’ Policy on Returns?

With the latest gift-giving season behind us, many retailers may be using this time to revisit their holiday sales cycle, including their returns and/or exchange programs. Returned holiday gifts are an unfortunate fact of retail life. While the percentage may vary by sector and by season, e-tailers may experience return rates between 20-30%. Though retailers … Continued

How to Run a Social Media Giveaway for Your Small Business

Finding new, efficient methods to promote your small business can be a great way to create buzz, awareness, and excitement over the products or services you sell. A social media giveaway is a popular strategy that can help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to strengthen current customer relationships, acquire new customers, or a … Continued

How to Create In-Store Ambience

First impressions can go a long way in business, especially in brick-and-mortar stores. When customers enter your small business, they are likely already forming assumptions based on what they see in front of them. It’s important to think about what message you want to convey. How do you want them to feel while they are … Continued

Tips to Prep for Your Vacation

Planning a vacation can be an exciting process, but the time leading up to your big trip be overwhelming unless you prepare ahead and have a “vacation to-do list”. Whether you’re getting ready to relax in the sun or spend time with family over the holidays, creating a plan can get you one step closer … Continued

Knowing When to Expand Your Small Business

The decision to expand your small business can be an exciting yet understandably intimidating prospect, especially since it can raise the question—is now the right time? While there is no universal path or “secret formula” that will automatically lead small business owners to expansion, there are some determining factors that can help you determine if … Continued

Is a Coworking Space Right for Your Small Business Employees?

As a small business owner, ensuring your employees are supported so they can work efficiently and produce quality work is key, and the environment in which they’re working can play a role. Coworking spaces have become a viable option for businesses who either work remotely or are looking to add more in-person collaboration and communication … Continued

Last Minute Halloween Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Celebrations like Halloween are a fantastic way for small businesses to show off their brand personality and join in on the fun festivities with their customers. But chances are that if you’re reading this, your Halloween prep might be starting a bit late. The question is—how late are we talking? A week? A day? The … Continued

Tips for Prepping for a Long Distance Move

We are in peak moving season. If you are considering relocating a distance away or are already in the process, we’ve got tips that can help you prepare for this exciting new chapter. PURCHASE STURDY MOVING CONTAINERS Keeping your items safe and intact will lessen future headaches later on when you’re unpacking, and that starts … Continued

How to Ship a Wedding Dress

Whether you are a bride-to-be looking to ship your wedding dress to your venue or sending it off for alterations, or you no long need it and are passing down this special garment to a distant recipient, shipping a wedding dress can require careful consideration to ensure its safe arrival. Below are some ways to … Continued

How To Promote Your Small Business in the Fall

With fall approaching, small business owners can make the most of the season by devising a plan to promote their stores and attract new customers before the busy and competitive holiday season. Take advantage of refreshed print marketing, which can grab customers’ attention outdoors and inside your business, and enhanced digital marketing, which can reach … Continued