What is Your Small Business’ Policy on Returns?

With the latest gift-giving season behind us, many retailers may be using this time to revisit their holiday sales cycle, including their returns and/or exchange programs. Returned holiday gifts are an unfortunate fact of retail life. While the percentage may vary by sector and by season, e-tailers may experience return rates between 20-30%. Though retailers would of course like to reduce the number of products coming back to them, it’s important to balance this aim with a returns policy and program that doesn’t deter shoppers from making a purchase in the first place or a second time. With almost 6 out of 10 shoppers having said that an e-commerce’s site return policy has caused them to abandon their shopping cart, this can mean looking for the reason behind the return (bad fit, damaged item etc.), but it may also mean making your return policy clearer and with less obstacles for the customer.

Your store’s return policy should anticipate any questions your customers might have about the returns process. It should cover such things as: what is eligible for return; what is acceptable condition for the item being returned; the amount of time an item is eligible for return. It should also cover the process through which an item can be returned, making sure to answer the questions of “how to” and “how long will it take”? When it comes to this item, clearly lay out the process for your customer. How does the process begin? Is it simply an email? If your business offers both e-commerce and bricks and mortar locations, can customers choose the option that works best for them? If your business is solely e-commerce, or if you prefer to honour returns solely online, then some shipping help may be what you need.

If you are an e-commerce business or would prefer an alternative to managing in-store returns/exchanges, The UPS Store can help you simplify the process with our Returns Program. This is an efficient way to coordinate returns from your customers across Canada, leveraging the over 380 The UPS Store retail locations across Canada. The process begins by directing customers to the closest location of The UPS Store to initiate a return of an item. You can direct the customers to pre-package the item, or alternately pre-select appropriate packaging materials to utilize. From there, The UPS Store can ship the item(s) to you based on your instructions. You will receive a consolidated monthly bill that includes all the transactions.

Returning or exchanging an item can be a tedious task, for retailers and consumers alike. Simplifying the process and making it convenient for your customers can improve their experience and help them form or retain a positive impression of your business. With a clear policy and a positive return experience, you can convert that unhappy gift-recipient into a happy “return” customer.

Meet Your Small Business Needs with The UPS Store

Ready to create a seamless returns process for your small business? The UPS Store can help. Reach out to a location near you and see how our Small Business Solutions can assist you and your team. Click here to find out more about The UPS Store’s Returns program and how we can help you create an efficient way to coordinate returns from your customers across Canada.

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