Holiday Shipping Dates 2023

Are you shipping gifts to loved ones who live far away this holiday season? For your convenience, here are some important UPS shipping deadlines for you to plan around, in order to get your gifts there in time for Christmas.* December 15th – Last day to ship by Ground for delivery to US & Extended … Continued

How Summer Students Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

Most small businesses would benefit from another helping hand, especially if that new person also provided an injection of talent and youthful energy. That’s why hiring a summer student can often be a big help to small business owners. Find an enthusiastic student with some skills, and you’ve got someone eager to help your business … Continued

Creative Ideas for Personalized Holiday Gifts for Clients

It’s the season of giving, a time of year when many small business owners like to show their gratitude to loyal clients with a holiday gift. One way to ensure those gifts deliver the impact and positive association you’re hoping for is by personalizing them. That way, it’s not just another logo pen destined to … Continued

Tips For Shipping Food In Holiday Care Packages

Tasty festive treats like homemade sugar cookies, brownies, molasses squares, and dried snack mixes are always popular and welcome gifts during the holidays. Sometimes nothing’s better than Grandma’s ginger snaps this time of year. But shipping these goodies can be tricky. When sending food domestically and internationally, the key thing to remember is to label … Continued

How to Pack and Ship Framed Art

Framed art can be damaged in transit if not properly packaged. We recommend the double box method for artwork, and removing the glass from the artwork and pack it separately whenever possible. Ship any item valued at more than $250 via air, and if the item exceeds 36″ x 36″, have it crated. (See step-by-step … Continued

How to Pack and Ship Breakables

Are you planning to ship fragile items this holiday season? Whether you’re sending glassware, porcelain, china or crystal, these exquisite items are among the most common products to get damaged while being shipped every year. Here are some tips to ensure they make it safely from point A to point B without a chip to … Continued

How to Make Your Own Personalized Calendars

Giving your customers custom calendars for the holidays is a great way to keep your business top of mind all year long. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Xerox Canada to bring you some tips for this cost-effective method of getting the word out about your business and harnessing the power of a monthly … Continued

Celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

If you’re still struggling to shake off the melancholy of the January blahs, here’s something that should help burst your bad news bubble: the last Monday marks Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is a chance to praise the pervasive packing material that’s great at protecting our valuables…and so much fun to pop. … Continued

Holiday Packing Tips

Are you planning to ship your holiday gifts? Here are some helpful tips from our packing pros: Don’t reuse old boxes when packaging your items. Always use a new, corrugated box as old ones may weaken and break apart during the shipping process. Do use a new, clearly visible label (with the complete address for … Continued