Celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

If you’re still struggling to shake off the melancholy of the January blahs, here’s something that should help burst your bad news bubble: the last Monday marks Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is a chance to praise the pervasive packing material that’s great at protecting our valuables…and so much fun to pop. … Continued

Holiday Packing Tips

Are you planning to ship your holiday gifts? Here are some helpful tips from our packing pros: Don’t reuse old boxes when packaging your items. Always use a new, corrugated box as old ones may weaken and break apart during the shipping process. Do use a new, clearly visible label (with the complete address for … Continued

Seven Small Business Tax Questions

Tax season can be an especially taxing time for small business owners, many of whom have unique and complicated sources of income. It’s often hard to avoid getting bogged down or distracted by the stress of filing all the appropriate paperwork, staying on top of tons of tiny details, and making sure there’s enough money … Continued

What’s the Difference Between a Small Business and a Startup?

It has become common, perhaps even fashionable, for new business ventures of all kinds to be described as startups. In truth, however, most of these entrepreneurial undertakings would be better classified as small businesses. Understanding the distinction between the terms isn’t just a matter of semantics, but an important question that can have implications for … Continued

Show Your Customers Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day and while it’s important not to forget about your special somebody, small business owners also need to make sure they show some love to another important set of people: their loyal customers. Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts such as chocolates, champagne and bouquets of roses aren’t the answer … Continued

What You Need To Start A Home Business

  So, you’ve got an amazing idea for a home business, a well thought out plan, and maybe even some leads for your first sale. You’re ready to roll, right? Not so fast. It turns out before you launch your new business, there are a few more things to sort out. Of course, not every … Continued

Business Benefits of Leap Day

Once every four years, our shortest month lasts a little bit longer than usual. Leap years help our calendar keep up with the earth’s rotation around the sun, which actually takes slightly more than 365 days to complete. By tacking an extra day onto the end of February in years divisible by four (and century … Continued