Personalize your Father’s Day Gifts

Giving gift to dad

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the amazing dads and father figures in our lives. Planning on gift-giving for this special occasion? Personalizing your present can be a great way to give him something he’ll love and cherish for years to come. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some ideas to add a personalized flair. Already have an idea in mind? Reach out to The UPS Store at a location near you or visit our online print portal to see how our printing services can help bring it to life.

A Customized Greeting Card

Have you ever spent more time than expected browsing through countless greeting cards at the store before finally deciding on one? Save time by skipping the store-bought options this year and design a card that reflects your special memories of your dad. Adding your cherished photos to the card can be a wonderful way to achieve this. Plus, having it professionally printed in vibrant colour on quality cardstock adds a polished touch.

Personalized Calendar

Father’s Day may fall halfway through the year, but with a personalized calendar, you have the flexibility to pick the starting month. Have your calendar begin with June or create a 12-month version ready for the year ahead. A personalized calendar is not only a practical gift for your dad to use each day, but it’s also a chance to add photos that mean something special to you and him. You can even highlight special dates and include custom text for each month—a one-of-a-kind gift that you can’t find in a store.

Customized Business Stationary

This is a great gift for dads with their own business or who need to update their stationery at the office. Whether it be snazzy new business cards he has been meaning to update, notepads with a letterhead, or pens with his name or a special message on it, this practical yet useful gift can add a professional, personalized touch to his workday.

Add a Monogram to Everyday Items

Does your dad have a favourite hobby or particular interest? Finding his go-to items and creating personalized versions of them can be a great daily reminder of how much you care. It could be aprons, golf clubs, a toolbox, gardening gear, bookmarks, towels—the list goes on. Adding his monogrammed initials or his last name can elevate a store-bought item, making it extra special for the day and when he goes to use it.

A Personalized T-Shirt

If your dad loves a graphic tee, add to his collection with personalized t-shirt designs that fit his style or are just plain funny. Have the chance to play fashion designer for the day and be inspired! Do you two have an inside joke or photo that would work perfectly on a t-shirt? Let Father’s Day be the opportunity to make it happen!

Photo Mug

Drinking coffee or tea is part of many morning routines. If your dad needs a new mug, creating a personalized version can make him smile each morning. A photo will stand out in his cupboard and can be his new go-to.

Photo Booklet

Think of a photo album, but in a more compact and professionally printed format. A personalized photo booklet offers a convenient and stylish way to showcase a collection of photos. Did you go on a family trip together? You could create a photo booklet featuring pictures captured on your travels. It’s a wonderful way to share special memories that both of you can look at beyond just Father’s Day. With professional binding options, you can make your booklet look like something you’d buy in the store.

Let The UPS Store Make Father’s Day Extra Special

Get your Father’s Day gift-giving started with personalized options. Our team at The UPS Store has several printing options to bring your gift ideas to life. Separated by distance this Father’s Day? Ship a personalized gift his way using our easy pack and ship services. Find a location in your neighbourhood today!

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