Moving Timeline


Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences of our lives, but a little bit of advanced planning can go a long way in alleviating hassles and anxiety. Follow this suggested timeline to make your next move as seamless as possible.

8 Weeks before Your Move

  • Research moving companies. Ask for recommendations from friends and family, look at Yelp and Google reviews, and narrow it down to three options.
  • Contact these moving companies to discuss quotes on and availability on your desired date.
  • Sort through your sheds, closets and storage containers and begin sorting items you do not want to take with you.
  • Start using the food items (frozen foods, canned goods, etc.) and cleaning supplies that you won’t be moving.
  • Notify your landlord if you are renting.

6 Weeks before You Move

  • If you’re moving to a new town, contact the tourism office or visit the city’s website for information about your new location.
  • Hold a yard sale or donate the belongings you no longer want.
  • Notify your doctor, dentist, vet, lawyer, accountant, children’s school, etc. about the move. Get copies of your records and ask for referrals when necessary.
  • Book your moving company.

4 Weeks before You Move

  • Update your newspaper and magazine subscriptions, credit cards, and other organizations with your new address and the date of your move.
  • If moving in or out of a building with an elevator, reserve it for your moving date.
  • Contact your utility companies and begin the process of closing your services at the current address and moving them to the new one.
  • Complete and submit a ‘change of address’ card at your local post office.
  • Update your insurance policies to move coverage from your existing location to your new address.

3 Weeks before You Move

  • Pick up moving supplies. The UPS Store offers a wide range of materials, from boxes to tape to packing peanuts.
  • Begin packing non-essential items.
  • Contact your bank to close or move your accounts.

2 Weeks before You Move

  • If you’re moving by car, have it checked and serviced.
  • Finish packing and boxing everything but your essentials.

1 Week before You Move

  • Ship large or fragile items you don’t want to move using a trusted company like The UPS Store.
  • Arrange disposal of any items that can’t be thrown in the regular garbage (old electronics, paint, batteries, etc.).
  • In a suitcase, pack the essential documents, clothing, toiletries, medicine, bedding, etc. that you will need for the first night or two at your new place.
  • Call to confirm the date and time with your moving company, elevator booking, etc.
  • Arrange to have your new place cleaned thoroughly before your arrival.

1 Day before You Move

  • Clean out your fridge, freezer and cupboards.
  • Make a final sweep of all of your storage areas to ensure you’re not missing anything.
  • Once everything has been packed and organized, do one final clean.
  • Ensure you have enough cash to tip movers.

Moving Day

  • Accompany your movers as they check the inventory and condition of your belongings before they put anything in their truck. Point out any fragile items.
  • Make note of your utility metre readings (gas, electric, water, etc.).
  • Conduct a final sweep before leaving to ensure you have not forgotten anything, turn off lights, and lock windows and doors.

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