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The Power of the Shield

The UPS Store offers franchise opportunities backed by a nationally renowned brand name that’s been recognized by countless different business organizations and media outlets. The recognition and elevation that a strong brand builds upon all lend to creating trust, credibility and customer loyalty. That is the power of the shield.

Our current franchisees recognize our brand’s strength as well and continue to grow their business portfolio with multiple centre ownership. Over 20% of our locations are owned by multiple centre owners and we expect that number to continue to grow.

Corporate Relationships

As a The UPS Store franchisee, you will build customer relationships with people in your community while we help build relationships with corporate clients nationwide. These corporate clients include Fortune 500 retailers, large national real estate companies, high tech and medical suppliers and more. We offer these companies solutions to streamline their operations with the help of our individual The UPS Store franchise locations across the country.

With our unique partnership with UPS, and over 5600 locations in Canada and the US, The UPS Store is UPS’ largest retail channel in North America. We provide convenient access points for product delivery, returns and exchanges and crucial business services, to ensure large corporations are provided the services that they need. This is just another way we are helping drive new customers to our locations and provide additional revenue streams for our franchisees.

The UPS Store locations offer a wide range of products and services including packing and shipping, mailbox services, professional printing services and more. Our Corporate Retail Solutions directs business from large, national companies into our franchised locations. The program benefits include:

  • Increased customer counts
  • Creates customer loyalty
  • Reduced cost of attracting new customer for franchisee
  • Customer relationship is managed by head office

Corporate clients also direct their employees and customers to The UPS Store for:

  • Alternate delivery location
  • Product returns and exchanges
  • Product repairs
  • Business services