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What Are The Advantages Of Being A Franchisee With The UPS Store?

There are several advantages of being a franchisee with us. The UPS Store has been serving the small business community and individual customers for almost four decades.  Our franchisees know they can rely on the combination of our brand’s strong reputation and our established support system to help grow their business.

Brand Strength

The UPS Store has established strong brand recognition and a reputation as a premier franchise system. Leveraging the power of the shield, customers know what they can expect from us, and we don’t mean just shipping. By extension, customers know that the brand values include reliability, professionalism and dedication to service.

Locally Owned By A Member Of The Community

As a locally owned business, our customers – both small business owners and local consumers – can enjoy the amazing services and capabilities of a national brand while supporting other business owners in their community.

Extensive Product And Service Offering

As a franchise owner with The UPS Store, you’re assured that you have the right mix of products and services that your customers need.  The UPS Store is about a lot more than shipping. We help our customers with services like printing, copying, business and personal mailboxes, packing, shredding, passport and ID photos, design and a host of small business services.

Advertising And Marketing Support

The UPS Store makes sure each of our franchisees has the support they need to market and grow their business. We invest significant dollars in marketing each year to build awareness of The UPS Store brand nationally.  However, local store marketing is vital to the success of our individual stores. Customers must be aware that we’re there and we’re ready to help with anything they need. We provide turnkey marketing solutions to our franchisees to help get them out of their store and into their local community.  Franchisees also have access to an internal library that provides a marketing calendar and numerous marketing materials that can be used to help promote their store. Learning opportunities are also provided to ensure our franchisees are fully prepared to market their locations.

World-Class Training

From day one, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from us. You will learn sales, hiring, marketing, business operations and more from experts knowledgeable in our business. As part of our training program, new franchisees spend a total of three weeks learning the business in a retail location and another two weeks at The UPS Store University at our corporate office in Oakville, Ontario.

Corporate Retail Solutions

The UPS Store leverages our corporate relationships to grow our business at the local level. We work with major UPS customers and other national brands to bring shipping and printing business to our franchise locations.

Multi‐Centre Opportunities

Approximately 20 percent of our franchisees own more than one centre and that number is growing.  Our store‐in‐store solution, in particular, is exclusively a multi‐centre opportunity. For more information on our store‐in‐store opportunity, please visit Multi-Centre Opportunities.

Expansion Opportunities

If you’re looking for a franchise system with variety, The UPS Store offers owners the opportunity to open non‐traditional locations in other businesses like hotels, campuses, storage facilities and other store‐in‐store opportunities. To learn more about non‐traditional locations, please visit Non-Traditional Locations.

Collaboration Within Our Franchise Community

There are plenty of opportunities for franchisees to help one another and learn from each other’s successes, not only from peers within your region but across the country, too.  The UPS Store hosts conventions and conferences regularly where franchisees across the country have an opportunity to gather and share best practices. Our quarterly continuing education series is more grass roots in focus, allowing franchisees to network while learning, with other franchisees in their immediate region.   Both provide an opportunity to gain product knowledge, improve business acumen, learn skills from top franchisees in the business and build on the learnings and successes of an entire network.

Franchising is an incredible opportunity for new entrepreneurs to learn how to start their own business and allow those who haven’t felt comfortable taking that first step into entrepreneurship to take the leap.