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Store-In-Store Or Store-In-Host Opportunities

In addition to our traditional model, there are opportunities for centres to be located inside of other retail locations such as pharmacies, self‐storage facilities, on campuses and more. This is considered a store‐in‐store model. There are also opportunities for The UPS Store to be housed within a hotel or conference centre and act as the business service centre for the host location.

By opening a non‐traditional franchise location with The UPS Store, existing business owners can provide their customers the following services:

  • Printing and Document Services
  • Packing and Shipping
  • Mailbox Services
  • Moving Supplies
  • Packaging Materials
  • Shredding Services
  • Faxing and Computer Services
  • Alternative Delivery Services

The real value of the store‐in‐store model is that it allows business owners to provide these services to their existing customer base and become a convenient one‐stop shop. This can be especially valuable in smaller communities that may lack shipping and printing services.

Partnering With Major Canadian Retailer

The UPS Store Canada offers more than the traditional model typically located in strip malls or on main streets. Most recently, we introduced a store‐in‐store model within Walmart locations in Canada. This new relationship places our brand in direct contact with millions of customers in conjunction with one of Canada’s leading retailers. A number of these non‐traditional locations are now open in Ontario, Quebec,  Alberta and British Columbia.

The UPS Store Canada has a solid development plan related to this opportunity. This is a multi‐ centre franchising program only and represents a strong  business opportunity for those who are ready to do the work required of this type of investment.