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Starting A Franchise With The UPS Store

You’ve decided that franchising is the right road for you. Now it’s time to decide if The UPS Store the right franchise for you.

Stage 1. Deciding To Become A The UPS Store Owner

This is the most important step in your journey with The UPS Store. It may help you to understand what we look for on a franchisee. The ideal candidate looking to enter The UPS Store franchise network is one that loves working with people and who willing to be active in their local community; who can follow a system but has an entrepreneurial spirit; who is looking to be their own boss and is creative in their solutions, but can work within the confines of the brand and the business model that we’ve developed over the years. Our franchise owners must be passionate and dedicated to serving our customers and to making their lives a little bit easier.

We know it’s not easy to decide what type of business to start or franchise to own. If you’re still at this stage, check out the benefits of starting a franchise with The UPS Store or contact us to talk to our Franchise Development team.

Stage 2. Finding The Right Market For You

The UPS Store has opportunities to start a franchise from coast to coast. If you’re thinking of joining our franchise network by opening a new The UPS Store location, our Franchise Development team can discuss available options with you. You can also check out this page to see what’s available.

Stage 3. Franchise Application Process

To make the process of starting a franchise as simple as possible, The UPS Store has broken down our approval process into four straightforward steps:

  1. Application. You’ve gathered the information you need and are ready to complete an application.
  2. Application Evaluation. You’ll go through the interview process and receive a Franchise Disclosure Document.
  3. Due Diligence & Funding. You’ll evaluate the opportunity with additional interviews, store visits and you’ll review your Franchise Disclosure Document. You will need to be prepared to share your personal financial documents and submit your Initial Application Fee at this time.
  4. Approval.

Stage 4: Selecting Your Site And Negotiating A Lease

During the franchise application process, our Franchise Development team can assist you in selecting a location, negotiating the terms of the lease, designing your store and getting it up and running.

Stage 5: Securing Financing For Your Location

Also, during the application process, we can provide access to financing resources to our qualified The UPS Store franchisees.

Stage 6: Getting Ready To Run Your Business

Before starting a franchise, you’ll go through our comprehensive training program to help you develop the business knowledge and day‐to‐day operational skills to own and operate a The UPS Store location.

It doesn’t stop there. Once your store is open, help is just a phone call or an email away.

Stage 7: Ongoing Management

Once you have your business up and running, The UPS Store provides ongoing support to help your business succeed. This support includes:

  • Advertising and Marketing: Our national advertising campaigns build brand awareness while regional efforts and local store marketing build excitement in your neighborhood.
  • Public Relations Support: Our public relations team helps produce publicity and visibility for our franchise network nationwide. Plus, we provide you tools to help garner local media coverage for your store.
  • Product Development: We are continually researching and innovating new products and services to help you better serve your customers.
  • Networking With Other Franchise Owners: When joining a franchise business as a franchisee, you can grow your business by connecting with other franchisees at area meetings and our national convention. At these events, you’ll have the opportunity to stay informed of industry trends, discover new tools and resources and develop lasting relationships with your fellow franchisees.