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Economies of Scale

Whether it is a traditional or non‐traditional location, The UPS Store focus on bringing reliable printing, shipping and mailbox services to small businesses and consumers every day. The UPS Store also allows – and encourages – our owners to grow their business footprint in other communities with multi‐unit ownership opportunities.

There are definite business advantages to owning more than one location. It can mean economies of scale, lower costs per unit and greater market reach.  Multi‐centre ownership does require different skills than simply running a single location. Owning more than one franchise location is not for everyone, but it often fits the growth, revenue and profitability goals aspired to by some franchise owners.

Multi‐centre ownership with The UPS Store can be developed in a number of ways. For some franchise owners, it may be a number of traditional locations within a set geographical area or a number of non‐ traditional locations or a mix of both. Recently, The UPS Store Canada has introduced a store‐in‐store model within Walmart locations in Canada. This is exclusively a multi‐centre ownership opportunity.

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