Secure shredding

A paper shredder is a mechanical device used to cut paper into either strips or fine particles for
safety and security reasons. Government groups, various businesses, and private individuals
use shredders to destroy private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive documents.
The UPS Store #322 offers a full document shredding and recycling service in Winnipeg and
surrounding areas. Per our customer’s request we provide one-time or regularly scheduled
document secure shredding services, in bulk or one-time use, we will give your case full
One of the most popular myths in business is that the endless waves of computerized automation
will soon create a paperless office. However, experience has shown exactly the opposite is true.
Computers aren’t decreasing paper consumption; they’re actually increasing it. Secure shredding
is the best solution to keep your most sensitive papers safe, secure and destroyed when you
Why do you need to shred? Your business not only has a moral responsibility to protect information, but most
importantly you are legally responsible to safeguard your public trust. Failure to do so can result in many consequences: loss
of good will, loss of business; loss of income, and loss of your good reputation in the industry. Unfortunately, in some cases it
can be financially damaging as well; this may include significant fines and unwanted litigation. Stored documents should be
securely shred on a regular basis. It’s a simple task that will make all the difference in protecting your company from legal
No matter if it is private or a commercial job, our paper shredding services can be modified to
meet and exceed the highest security requirements. We are licensed and insured and provide the
most attention to each customers requests.
The UPS Store #322 has affordable pricing and no contract obligations for individuals and
companies. Secure shredding is easy when you work with a company with a highest reputation
in/near Winnipeg!
Visit our store which is located at 360 Main St. Winnipeg MB R3C 3Z8. When you know you
documents were shredded and destroyed you can stop worrying and continue with your business,
knowing we have your back! Please call us Monday to Friday ‭+1 (204) 958-4240 for more
information or any questions.