Pull up banner

Pull up Banner – one of the most common types of outdoor and indoor advertising, installed, for example, on the street, in shopping malls or offices. The banner, located in a crowded place with a lot of traffic, allows it to raise the recognition of promoted products or services. The service life of the banner varies for 1-3 years. This is a profitable solution for long-term advertising campaigns and excellent display for your company or product.

The UPS Store #322 offers the best print quality for advertising banners in Winnipeg and next to it! A special technology, which is fundamental to the production of banner fabric, prevents the formation of fungus and the spread of bacteria on the seams and ends of the product.

The production of such vertical portable advertising does not require large investments, and therefore it pays off very quickly.

Raise banner:

– full color printing,

– An economical option for promotion,

– Single or double-sided printing,

– Reusable and easily portable,

– Ideal for exhibitions and events.

Large-format printing of banners helps to convey the natural appearance of the image and the brightness of colors. Modern technologies allow to make outdoor advertising resistant to moisture, low temperatures and ultraviolet radiation.

Internal large-format printing is characterized by greater clarity of the picture and poor resistance to atmospheric phenomena. That’s why when ordering a banner you need to know clearly where it will be placed.

Shop The UPS Store #322 offers such banners at an affordable price. The cost of the product depends on the material used and its size. Nevertheless, banner extensions are one of the most accessible types of indoor and outdoor advertising.

Our team will help you to make a bright and attractive design for your banner / stand, you can choose the style that you like, or you can use your own ideas and become the sole creator of a new look at your screening banners! Depending on the size, quality and quantity, the order can be made for 1-3 days, and you can pick up the form in our store or set the delivery to the office or residential area.

When visiting our store, which is located at: 360 Main St inĀ  Winnipeg and mention that you found us on the Internet and get the best offer for rolls / stretching banners! Please call us from Monday to Friday +1 (204) 958-4240 for more information or any questions.