Canvas Printing

A canvas print is the result of a printed image on canvas which can be stretched, or gallery-
wrapped, onto a frame and put up for a display. Canvas prints are more often used in the
interior design of homes and/or offices as regular posters or framed on a wall or on any
furniture, with stock images, or customized with personal pictures or just uploaded from net

Canvas prints are intended to reproduce the look of original oil or acrylic paintings on
stretched canvas printing is the process of large format printing on canvas. Like the traditional
fine art printing, these are of the highest quality and are considered prints, not reproductions or
real artwork, and nowadays can be done using specialized printers. But even though it is not
really painting, canvas prints do not look cheap, but rather very unique and different from any
other picture frame in your house!

There was a time when high-quality prints on canvas involved an actual artist copying the work
onto the canvas. Photographs would only be transferred to canvas through a professional
specializing in photo press work. However, with today’s technology, we can print on canvas
using special state of the art printers. We can achieve high-quality prints on canvas using the
correct computer programs, for just one photo or hundreds of images!
If you are looking for something new and different from traditional photo frames in or near
Winnipeg, we got you covered.

The UPS Store #322 offers the best print quality on canvas in Winnipeg!
We can reproduce your favorite and original photographs and artwork. The printed image will
have the exact same color and detail as the original, all those little details you like so much, with
a similar finish to real oil paintings. Canvas digital prints are a great way to transform your
favorite pictures into a stunning piece of art. Choose to have your finished canvas gallery
wrapped or regular wrapped, for a beautiful ready to hang image, it can be finished with any
kind of packaging ready to ship to another city or international or just waiting for you to pick it
With a great variety of options and sizes to choose from, you can select your perfect canvas
print for any home wall or office space. These canvas prints can then be Gallery Wrapped or
stretched to fit on stretcher bars with the overprint covering the sides, making them perfect for
framing or going frameless.

  • Wooden wrap-resistant frame handcrafted by skilled artisans.
  • Specially coated with poly-cot canvas for the highest durability and best color vibrancy.
  • Hand-laminated and handmade canvas prints.
  • Hanging hardware is preinstalled; it’s ready to hang out of the box.

Here we will help you with new creative design ideas, style and color options for your canvas
prints, to make it a real art piece. Whether you want to display a family vacation or a timeline
of school photos, canvas prints are an eye-catching way to show off your favorite photos.
Not only do they liven up any space, they’re an artistic way to update a room.
All of our products are made/printed on high-quality materials and carefully hand assembled in
The UPS Store #322 located at 360 Main St.  in Winnipeg. Please stop by Winnipeg
Square or call us Monday to Friday ‭+1 (204) 958-4240 for more information or any questions.