Post Cards

Postcard – one of the types of sheet printing products, representing a single sheet or with a fold, can be in different formats from A8 to A3 and non-standard form. Postcards are used for different occasions, can be of congratulatory, business or promotional nature, but their main goal – to bring attention to a particular person, company, place or an upcoming event.

The UPS Store #322 is not just a maker of postcards, our store offers the best print quality for post cards in and near Winnipeg! In-store professionals produce postcards, maintaining their design in a corporate style, making them look bright with an eye-catching and unique design, and at the same time inexpensive for mass print runs. We will always take into account the individuality of your company, create a unique style of postcards and will be able to select the most suitable material for their creation. With a complete selection of sizes and stocks – and a great price on all quantities – your postcard needs are covered for every occasion.

Why are business and advertising postcards so popular? It used to be a simple nice gesture for a personal greeting, traveling memory or a holiday greeting for friends and distant family members, but nowadays it is an important element of the corporate style because it is:

  • a good way to remind your customers about the company;
  • ideal for congratulating colleagues or partners;
  • an excellent way to personalize the event, leave the memory of the event;
  • the ability to reach a wide audience at minimal cost;
  • allocation of the company among competitors, the creation of corporate identity.

The UPS Store #322 in Winnipeg offers custom-made postcards, as well as printing post cards and invitations that will surely impress your customers with a great price!

 We offer:

  • postcards of a standard format or custom sizes;
  • original design and competent layout of this printing. We print congratulatory postcards and invitations, as well as promotional cards;
  • high-quality full-color printing using specialized equipment and best quality inks;
  • any required quantity with the best quality.

Standard Postcards:

Printed on a thick paper material,

Ready for shipping in 1 business day,

Available in preset and custom sizes,

Comes with multiple coating options.

Our team will help you make a bright and eye-catching design for your prints or you can use your own ideas and become a sole maker of a new look for your postcards! With our help you can get cheap, but not cheap-looking greeting or advertising tool, to help grow your business!

Postcards, printed at The UPS Store #322 will be bright, memorable and look great. This printing can win the hearts of your potential customers and increase your client flow. With the help of postcards, it is easy to create the desired image of the company, to show attention to your customers and partners, to attract more demand for your services and products. Make your own postcard with the custom options you need, for handouts or even direct mail.

Simply send us your ready to print files via email or come over to our store and will help you with new design ideas!

Stop by our store at Winnipeg Square and pick up your order, also we offer delivery to the office and residential area in and Near Winnipeg.

When visiting our store, which is located at 360 Main St. in Winnipeg, mention you found us online and get the best deal on postcards! Please call us Monday to Friday +1 (204) 958-4240 for more information or any questions.