Banner Stands

Rollup banner is one of the most common types of outdoor advertising. Banners are installed not only outside, but also inside premises, for example, in shopping centers or offices. Rollup stands located in a crowded place with a lot of traffic, allows to increase the recognition of promoted goods or services. The service life of the banner varies within 1-3 years. This is a profitable solution for long-term advertising campaigns and exhibitions, as well as sale promotions.

The production of such advertising does not require large investments, and therefore it pays off very quickly and it is very easy to order!

The UPS Store #322 in Winnipeg offers many of options:

  • Banner stand ( rollup stands),
  • Tradeshow displays,
  • Outdoor displays,
  • Indoor displays,
  • Info and poster displays.

Also available in great variety of design ideas, color choices and sizes. The most popular size is 36”x80”, but for your needs and ideas we will find the most suitable solution!

Large-format printing of pull-up banners helps to convey the maximum natural look of the image and the brightness of colors. Modern technologies allow making outdoor advertising immune to moisture, low temperatures and ultraviolet radiation.

Interior large-format printing is characterized by greater clarity of the picture and poor resistance to atmospheric phenomena. That’s why when ordering a banner you need to know clearly where it will be placed.

We offer rollup stands at an affordable price. The cost of the product depends on the material used and its size. Nevertheless, pullup banner are one of the most accessible types of outdoor advertising in Winnipeg. The design of advertising directly reflects on how effective the whole campaign will be, so we are ready to offer a professional approach to the design of the banner and the best print quality in town!

The UPS Store #322 will perform the full range of services: from the design ideas and  printing to delivery services .