Looking for a calendar for your home or an office, with your personal pictures or company logo, have your own color/style ideas or need help with design, we got you covered! With us you can order calendars for your friends and family or the office.

The UPS Store #322 is not just a maker of calendars, our store offers the best print quality in and near Winnipeg! In-store professionals produce calendars, maintaining their design in a corporate style, making them look bright with an eye-catching and unique design, and at the same time easy and fast also inexpensive for mass print runs. We will always take into account the individuality of your company,

A beautiful and expensive-looking calendar will not be thrown into the far corner, like an advertising brochure or booklet, but will remain on the wall, or will stand on the table for at least a year. Have you ever noticed how often we all use calendars? Even if it seems to us that we remember the date of the day and the day of the week, we still check with them and do it every day.

Calendars or planners are so multifunctional that you cannot imagine your life without it. That’s why advertising on calendars gives the greatest results in promotion and is popular in advertising and new product promotions, also can be printed for a whole year in advance or monthly with some changes for each month!

We offer all possible calendar kinds and styles:

Wall calendars,

Table stands calendars,

Pocket calendars,

Calendars-posters and many more.

Each of these varieties can be a great gift for those with whom you want to maintain and develop business relationships. But in order for the gift to be appreciated, calendars made to order must be of high quality and exquisite design. The employees of our company will do everything to ensure that your customers and business partners are satisfied!

When visiting our store, which is located at 360 Main St. in Winnipeg, mention you found us online and get the best deal on calendars and planners! Please call us Monday to Friday +1 (204) 958-4240 for more information or any questions.