Oversize Prints – Engineering Prints and Architectural Plans

The UPS Store can help you do it all, including:

  • Produce oversized copies and digital prints at 600 DPI print quality
  • Scan to digital file in black & white or high-resolution color*
  • Submit files in PDF or any digital formats for printing
  • Make enlargements and reductions
  • We focus on the construction industry and understand the pressing nature of getting your blueprints and specs as quickly as possible.
  • Send your digital files to The UPS Store 96, and then pick up your prints at
    1100 Memorial Ave., Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • Pick up your finished blueprints,  signs, banners, or posters or have them delivered nearly anywhere via UPS Air or UPS Ground, or any of our other courier options.
  • Prices start as low as 30 cents a square foot.  Binding available upon request.

Water-Proof your PLANS with TYVEK:

Water, mud, sand, tools, handling, and exposed concrete all take their toll on the paper plans. Job site blueprints and drawings are always exposed to tremendously harsh conditions for normal paper. Tyvek is so tear-resistant that it withstands all the elements and protects the blueprints against scuffing as well. The many uses of this material have been extended to job site drawings. Tyvek is coupled with our weatherproof printing process and is as durable as vinyl, but much lighter.

Some of the biggest construction companies use Tyvek blueprints, as they can print once and have the construction plans last for the whole job. The crew loves them because they don’t fall apart and can be washed off with soap and water. The architects and project managers love them because their redline drawings can last for the whole job without having to be redrawn. Tyvek is a DuPont brand of flash spun, high-density polyethylene fabric that has been used in the following: marathon number tags (because of the extreme lightweight, durable nature of the fabric), wrappings for houses for an added layer of waterproofing and insulation, UPS envelopes, and even wallets.

Ask our staff about having your prints on Tyvek.