Laminating Services

High-Quality Laminating Services – Overlamination, Polyester Films & Wide Variety of Substrates

The Lamination process bonds printed items between two pieces of clear plastic which enhances the appearance of the print by strengthening and brightening the ink colors. Lamination adds strength and protects the printed item allowing it to withstand frequent use. Lamination increases the longevity of print materials which saves money in the long term as it reduces the need to reprint.



Overlamination of a mounted image will enhance the look of your display and protect from moisture, fingerprints, abrasion and fading under normal interior lighting conditions. Premium vinyl films up to 25″ wide ensure excellent adhesion to inkjet output. All of our vinyl films have UV inhibitors.

Choose from:

MATTE: Eliminates reflection without sacrificing color definition, our most popular film

SEMI-GLOSS: Provides the most in clarity, color, and contrast

SCUFF RESISTANT: Durable, non-glare pebbled texture matte finish (similar to Lexan)

DRY ERASE (Scribe): For a gloss finish and a surface for write-on/wipe-off applications such as dry-erase markers.


Economic Polyester Films:

Ideal to increase the longevity of your prints and to protect from general wear and tear. These films do not offer protection from fading.
GAUGES: 3mil | 5mil | 10mil
FINISH: Gloss | Matte