Prepaid Colour Printing

Prepaid Colour Printing

Did you know that using colour in a document aids in the retention of information and helps highlight key elements of your document? Consider upgrading your documents to colour, because when your documents stand out, so do you!

Save time and money by prepaying for your colour printing / copying needs.

How Does Prepaid Colour Printing Work?

How prepaid printing / copying works is you purchase the desire number of prints you wish to prepay for. We credit your account and track the number prints you order. If you request to print 200 pages (single sided), we deduct 200 prints from your account. When you get low, simply top-up your account and your are good to go again. Whether you print 1 page or 500 pages at a time, there is no minimum required and you no longer need to pay each time for small print jobs.

28lb laser 8.5×11″ 8.5×14″ 8.5×17″ Fold/Staple
500 $225 $175* x 1.5 copies x 2 copies x 1 copies
1000 $390 $300* x 1.5 copies x 2 copies x 1 copies
2500 $875 $500* x 1.5 copies x 2 copies x 1 copies

Note: One Sheet 2 Sides = 2 copies
* Limited time discount offer

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