Moving Services & Supplies

Packing & Moving Supplies

We’ve got what you need to get moving:

  • professional strength moving boxes and kits in a variety of sizes
  • tape, bubble cushioning, and packaging peanuts
  • custom-made boxes for irregularly shaped items

Packaging Expertise for your Move

Have an upcoming move and not sure where to begin? Let your friends at your local The UPS Store help.

We can:

  • Recommend how many boxes you might need
  • Provide advice on which packaging materials will work best for your items
  • Custom pack fragile and odd-sized items

Packing & Moving Tips:

  • DO include a label on the inside of the package with both the destination address and your package return address.
  • DO take batteries out of toys, electronics, etc., before shipping.
  • DO check with The UPS Store experts before shipping fragile items.
  • DO ship wrapped presents ahead to your destination, especially if traveling by air.
  • DON’T wrap boxes in brown paper or tie with string.
  • DON’T use materials like newspaper or real popcorn to package items.
  • DON’T use old boxes or gift boxes for shipping gifts.
  • DON’T use duct tape, masking tape, or cellophane tape to seal your boxes for shipping.