Shipping and Packing Services in Vaughan

The UPS Store #272 is your one-stop shop for packing and shipping services. Whether you need domestic or international shipping, packing help ahead of a big move, or packaging materials, we offer a wide range of shipping options, packaging services and moving supplies in store. 

Shipping Services

We have a variety of shipping options to meet your deadline and your budget. We offer delivery at the right speed, the right time, and the right cost for meeting and exceeding your critical shipment needs. 

Let us help you with a variety of courier options, including UPS, DHL, Canpar and  Purolator. Whether you need overnight service to ground delivery,  domestic deliveries or worldwide delivery, we have the solution for you, We also have envelopes and boxes in various sizes, as well as custom packaging services.

Looking to ship a  document or package,  complete the Shipping Form before visiting our store and save yourself time.

Same Day Delivery

We are proud to offer same day service within the GTA. For more information contact us

Get Your Shipping Forms Started!

Download & fill out form and send by email to [email protected] 

Forms can be used for any courier we offer including same day delivery.  

No matter where you need to ship to, we can get it there! Down the street? Come see us! International? We do it best! Ship to anywhere in the world with our international shipping. This includes major destinations such as USA, India, Mexico, England, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Dubai, China and more!

We also do Same Day Delivery within GTA if you bring your package to us before 12 pm.

But why fill the form at home?

  • Save your time and make the process faster & safer for yourself
  • You can fill the form with no rush and in advance prepare required pieces of information
  • No limit in the number of parcels that you want to send
  • Online form covers both domestic and international shipping

For more information click Here.

Drop Off Location in Vaughan/Woodbridge 

If you have parcel(s) for drop off with either UPS or DHL, you can bring them to The UPS Store272 during business hours, including Saturday. Your items should be pre-packaged and labelled with either a UPS Prepaid Label or DHL Prepaid Label. Need help packaging your items or printing a label? Our staff  can assist. There will be additional fees associated with these services.

For more information click Here.


Preparing Your Package For Drop Off

Returning an item that already has a UPS or DHL label provided by the vendor you ordered from, such as Amazon? Here’s what you need to do for a successful return.

  • Print your return label and return authorization. If you want to see a sample of UPS label, click here.
  • For Amazon return, each return label is assigned to a specific return. To make sure that you receive the correct refund, don’t include items from multiple orders or shipments in the same box.
  • Pack your item in proper container like corrugated box or shipment bag and seal securely. Use packing tape to seal your container and prevent of losing your items in shipping process.
  • Affix return label to the container. Use packing tape to stick label to your container securely. If you don’t affix label properly, It’s possible that it comes off in transit.
  • If you need assistance printing your label or packaging your item(s) for return, The UPS Store #272 can help.

Need to print return label?

  • Bring digital copy on USB or email it to [email protected] on the same day that you are planning to visit our store
  • For Amazon return labels, login to your account and select option “Email Email to a friend to Print” and type in our email address
  • Processing fee $3 +Tax and $0.15+Tax for each black and white page copy

Need to package your return item?

The Ups Store #272 can help you in packaging of your return item as well. We offer:

  • Variety size of corrugated box and bubble envelope for purchase
  • Packing tape for purchase
  • Full service packaging available
  • We offer reasonable charge for return items’ packing

Packing Service

The Certified Packing Experts here at The UPS Store® #272 can pack almost anything. We can save you time and can help ensure your items arrive intact at their destination. We specialize in properly packing fragile and high-value items, including antiques, art, electronics, crystal, china and porcelain.

The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts®

Trust our team to help you with the right packaging and shipping solutions to get your goods where they need to be. Our certified packing experts can pack almost anything, including odd-shaped, fragile and oversized items.

Whether you’re sending homemade goodies to loved ones across the country, or today’s latest gadgets and gizmos – we can expertly pack your items with care.

Customized Packaging Solutions

Large or odd-shaped items often require specialized packaging. We can help with custom packaging solutions for your needs. Not sure where to begin? Stop by and talk to our certified packing experts today. We can advise you on the best packaging method needed for your item(s).

Pack & Ship Guarantee

We know how important your packages and gifts are. That’s a fact we don’t take lightly at The UPS Store® #272. Certified Packing Experts pack your gifts right and we stand behind our service. Protect your package and add a Pack & Ship Guarantee service to your shipment!  Visit us for more details.

Moving Services & Supplies

We’ve got what you need to get moving:

  • professional strength moving boxes and kits in a variety of sizes
  • tape, bubble cushioning, and packaging peanuts
  • custom-made boxes for irregularly shaped items
  • Packaging Expertise for your Move

Have an upcoming move and not sure where to begin? Let us help.

We can:

  • recommend how many boxes you might need
  • provide advice on which packaging materials will work best for your items
  • custom pack fragile and odd-sized items