Using Your Own Design

Looking to Use Your Own Design?

What You’ll Need:

In order for us to be able to engrave your design, we require a vector file.
So, what is a vector?
Unlike standard image files (raster images), which are made up of pixels, vectors are made up of mathematic equations, meaning they can be scaled to be as large or as small as needed without losing quality.

Vector files typically require special software to open, and will be saved with the following file extensions:
.ai, .svg, .eps, .pdf (note that not all PDFs are vector)

Don’t Have a Vector File?

That’s no problem! Nigel, our Graphic Designer, can convert your raster file to a vector file.
Black and white images will produce the best results and will be the simplest to convert.
Not sure if your file can be converted? Send us an e-mail with the file and we will let you know what can all be done!