Photo Passport and ID Photos $18

Looking for passport or id photos? The UPS Store can help.

Come into our location to have your passport photo taken. Our photos meet all requirements for Canadian passports and most other photo identification cards, including international needs.

Quick and Easy – Ready in 5-15 minutes

No Appointment Needed – Just walk in during business hours

Available in All Sizes – We specialize in all kinds of passport and ID photos.


We are not equipped to take photographs with children under 2 years old. Ask us, we will refer you!

  • No make-up
  • No gloss on the lips
  • No white top
  • Hair tied, to clear the ears
  • If the skin is greased or mixed have with you makeup remover towel

Find a passport or travel document form here


On a deadline to get your passport taken care of quickly? We offer a variety of shipping services for on-time delivery to the Government of Canada Passport Office for Nova Scotia or Gatineau, or elsewhere, as well as package tracking visibility.

And don’t forget, once your travels are done, we are here to help you print out your vacation large format photos!