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Home Business Private Mailboxes

4 Reasons why your home business needs a private mailbox


If you are like most of the small company owners just starting out, you start with an idea of how you wish to produce a living for yourself and/ or family. Possibly this is a pastime that you’ve sharpened over the years and is ready to think about establishing this hobby into a full-time occupation. Where do you begin?

The tip this week will be focusing on those of you that are still a home-based business. Numerous small business starts out in your own home, just based upon expenses. You either do not have the capital to rent or lease out area right away or cannot receive a bank loan; and with the present scenario with the economy, small business loans are significantly harder to come by.

Other factors exist aren’t any real requirement for you to have an office today since your service focuses on being « on location » or checking out consumers. This is specifically true for those providing a service– lots of effective photographers, plumbers, videographers, electricians, housemaids, general contractors, amazon sellers, and so on never feel the need to lease an office up until they begin working with employees.

right off the bat, you’ll need to think about how you will be contacted and what information you desire easily available about your company on the internet. Do you desire your prospective customers to know where you live? If not, then the idea of this week focuses on renting a personal mailbox.

I will start with discussing why do not wish to lease a post workplace box through Canada Post. A Canada Post Post Office mailbox address would be set up as « PO Box 123 Some Town, Province ». The biggest reason this is not a good idea for a home-based business not to rent a PO Box is simple: if you have any hopes of being discovered for your organization or service on Google Maps, then you will need to have a legitimate address that the significant online search engine, Google, will permit.

Currently, Google does not consider PO Box as legitimate business addresses, however, they will permit addresses note with suites. As such, we recommend a mailbox from the UPS Store in Aurora Ontario. This will permit you to note your address on the wen as 6-14845 Yonge #999 Street Aurora Ontario L4G 6H8 and take advantage of the suite address without in fact having a physical workplace. The #999 in your address is what we are intending to have as your new organization address.

By having a private mailbox for your service, it will enable several things to happen:

  1. Search Engine Rankings— You can now get noted in Google Maps (as described above) and reap the benefits of possible online search engine rankings and therefore producing leads. Note: When you create your Google listing you have the option of saying that you go to your customers which will hide the actual street address and only show the City, Province, and Postal Code.
  2. Image— Prospective consumers will have the impression that you have an office. Unfortunately, there are those customers that feel they can negotiate a lower price if they discover your work from home and your have lower overhead costs than your competitors. It is best to improve your impression of the world that you are professional, are really sincere about doing business, and will be providing an outstanding service for a long time. Numerous consumers fear to work with home-based ones since they are uncertain if they will be scammed out of their cash. You cannot avoid your customers directly asking you if you work from home, nevertheless, having your service address listed with a suite will lead them to assume that you have an office space and may stop any concerns that they may have had formerly with whether or not to do service with you.
  3. Low Expense— The majority of an individual mailbox can be leased out for as low as $17 monthly for a small box.
  4. Privacy— This new address will act as a « virtual firewall program » from unwanted views from clients and a method for them to send you payments by means of what is called « snail mail ». At some point, you will need to launch a website or blog and you will need a domain name for the internet address. Domain registration companies such as GoDaddy require a physical address listed on the domain registration. Another thing to consider with privacy is that you’ll also be able to cut down on the possibility of identity theft, which is a growing issue in our internet world.

*Another idea*– You’ll want to rent your private mailbox within a town that you are targeting to promote your company such as Aurora Ontario. So if you are intending to generate potential leads from your home town, that’s excellent! However, there are many businesses that want to acquire leads from a larger town that is near them, so in this case, you’ll wish to then lease a mail drop in that town. Being close to the center of down was an issue in the past with Google and they are now getting away from that requirement for listing on Google Maps, it is still a good idea to have an address that is close to the center of town.

With a private mailbox from the UPS Store Aurora at the Hunter Gate Plaza, you can be notified when you receive mail via email or phone call which will save unnecessary trips to the store. They are also available to accept packages on your behalf.

Renting a private mailbox from the UPS Store in Aurora is a great business practice for any home-based business. Stop by today to set up a mailbox for your business.


Sina Tehrani

The UPS Store 73

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