Shredding Services

How much do shredding services cost?

We often get asked by a lot of our customers over the phone or in person “How much do shredding services cost?”. The answer to this is simple, we have a flat rate of 0.99c per pound, and we offer discounts for volumes over 250lbs. If you do have a large volume of shredding, we advise you give us a call at 905-230-8444 or drop by our store located at 6 George Street S, Unit 3 in Brampton ON to give let us know so we can give you information on how to drop it off.

Are shredding services safe? Are shredding services secure? 

Our certified shredding experts here at The UPS Store® can shred all your documents to ensure that all your documents contents are safe and protected. We can save you time and can help ensure peace of mind. Use our shredding services to help get rid of any traces of important and sensitive information.
At The UPS Store #517 in Brampton, we offer a locked bin option for you to dispose of your personal and business documents using one of the industry’s leading document destruction vendors, Iron Mountain®. Help protect yourself and your business from identity theft.


Your documents will be weighed and then you will place the documents into a locked bin. Safe disposal of your documents with secure shredding services available.

  • AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction
  • More secure and safer than shredding at home
  • Secure recycling of shredded material

Free Shredding Services

As you are likely shredding important documentation with important information, we do not recommend using free shredding services. Use industry standard when destroying your documents and trust The UPS Store Brampton to destroy your documents safely.

Give us a call now! 905-230-8444 to securely shred your documents.