Compatible toner cartridges

Need to finish a big print job before the deadline? Need a new toner cartridge for your printer? Before you buy a pricey manufacturer toner, find out why compatible toners are a cost-effective alternative. We will help you find another option to do the job and save you some money!

The UPS Store #322 offers one of the biggest varieties of compatible toner cartridges in and near Winnipeg! Not only are recycled printer cartridges are not less of a quality with OEM ones, but they are far superior to toner refill cartridges when it comes to getting best print output in your office. Simply more ink in compatible cartridges, so you can have the job done and wouldn’t have to change cartridges more often than you can with compatible ones!

Why should you buy compatible toner cartridges? Well, here are couple of things to take into consideration:

  1. Cost. Nowadays, a compatible toner will sell from 50 to 100% cheaper than the genuine OEM toner and we have a lot of options for you to choose from! Ask our employees about cartridge option for your printer.
  2. A generic or remanufactured toner cartridge normally will contain more toner powder (ink) than similar OEM brand name toner. This means the toner will print a lot more pages than the brand name equivalent and you can save money not just on a cartridge cost, but also on that ink and refills.
  3. Environmental. We think that way, why throw a used toner straight to garbage, when it can be fully reconditioned and re-used again? The average toner can be re-used up to 4 times which in turn can save up to 35 pounds of raw materials. This reduces the amount of landfill needed to dump the old toner shells which would take hundreds of years to decompose, and will help you save money, again!

Please stop by our UPS Store #322 and ask about compatible toner cartridges, we will show many options in quantity bundles and prices!

When visiting our store, which is located at 360 Main st. Winnipeg MB R3C 3Z8, mention you found us online and get the best deal on compatible toner cartridges! Please call us Monday to Friday +1 (204) 958-4240 for more information or any questions.