Five tips to grow Facebook engagement for small business in 2018

Back in January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced major changes to the social network’s news feed algorithm. Facebook is seeking to improve the overall quality of user experience by prioritizing interactions between friends and family ahead of content created by brands and media outlets. Not surprisingly, the changes have forced many businesses to re-evaluate their … Continued

Small Business Marketing Trends for 2018

Marketing is a little bit like a loaf of bread: it’s best when it’s fresh and bad when it gets stale. That’s why it’s wise to always stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in the world of marketing, and make sure you’re not using outdated or ineffective methods to promote your small business. … Continued

Five Quick Ways to Clean Out Your Computer

Even if you don’t always stick to the manufacturer’s service schedule, chances are you make sure to give your car an oil change every once in a while and get it washed from time to time. It just makes sense, right? Good maintenance prolongs the working life of an important and expensive piece of machinery … Continued

How To Drive Sales During a Slow Season

No matter when it happens or how long it lasts, nearly every business endures an annual stretch when sales slow down. Off-season slumps can be especially tough on small business owners, some of whom struggle to survive the temporary drop in revenue. If your small business deals with a yearly swoon, you don’t have to … Continued

Five must-have apps for small business owners in 2018

Apps are a useful way for small business owners who are constantly on the go to streamline various processes and make their workday more efficient and productive. Looking for some apps to help you succeed in 2018? Here are five must-have apps that will make life easier for any hard-working small business owner. TSheets There’s … Continued

Celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

If you’re still struggling to shake off the melancholy of the January blahs, here’s something that should help burst your bad news bubble: January 29, 2018 marks the 17th annual Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Celebrated on the last Monday of every January, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is a chance to praise the pervasive packing material … Continued

Tips to solve your employees’ post-holiday blues

Whether you celebrate New Year’s Eve with a bottle of bubbly, or head to bed long before midnight, many of us experience a post-holiday hangover when January arrives. It’s not hard to see why: the holidays are over, work and school resume, and the jovial spirit of the season is replaced by the reality of … Continued