Four ways to use social media influencer marketing for small businesses

Social media influencers have become a hugely popular and highly persuasive form of marketing for businesses of all types and sizes. With multi-billion person audiences waiting to be reached through prominent networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, the appeal of social media influencers is obvious. Even better, research suggests it’s often money well spent … Continued

Alternative Mail Options in Canada

Smart small business owners know the importance of creating contingency plans to keep things running smoothly in times of crisis.  For instance, if there is a disruption to your mail service, do you know what to do to ensure your business is unaffected? Here are 5 tips to consider if there is an interruption in … Continued

5 Reasons You Should Have an FAQ Page on Your Website

Most small business owners understand the importance of maintaining a dynamic and engaging website – it’s a proven way to promote your company and boost sales. But don’t sell your site short and leave it without a great Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ) page. While it might not seem like an awfully important omission, the … Continued

What Is SEO & How Does It Help Small Businesses?

If you spend any time talking or reading about running a small business website, the importance of SEO is sure to come up time and time again. But what exactly is SEO, and what can it do to help your small business? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the process of increasing the visibility of … Continued

How Summer Students Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

Most small businesses would benefit from another helping hand, especially if that new person also provided an injection of talent and youthful energy. That’s why hiring a summer student can often be a big help to small business owners. Find an enthusiastic student with some skills, and you’ve got someone eager to help your business … Continued

How to Avoid the Summertime Work Blues

We’ve been waiting for what feels like forever. Finally, summer is here again! With the sun shining and temperatures soaring, many are eager to make the most of this all-too short season. Unfortunately, that’s not always ideal for small business owners, who rely on motivated, inspired employees to keep things profitable and productive. If your … Continued

How Small Business Owners Can Use Video Marketing in 2018

Technological developments and the declining cost of quality camera equipment have combined to make videos a popular way to connect with customers. It’s highly effective, too: not only do consumers say they find video ads helpful in their decision process, they also share them with their friends and networks. Video production may seem daunting to … Continued

3 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Small Business on Instagram

With over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is an incredibly effective tool for brands to visually connect with their audience. The social media platform provides businesses with cost-effective opportunities to reach and target audiences and new customers while growing brand awareness. With 52% of small businesses on Instagram, you should consider taking advantage of … Continued