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In today’s retail environment where impersonal, online interactions prevail, there is still room for a full service option committed to building long lasting customer relationships based on trust and value.

For the past eight years our family has owned The UPS Stores in Kingston Ontario. During that time we have established ourselves in the market as the place to go when you have a problem or require that extra service to get the job done.

There are lots of shipping options out there. They range from slow to fast, big to small. But unlike other shipping services, when you tender your shipment to The UPS Store, select from multi carriers and hand your package across the counter; you also transfer the responsibility to us.

At the end of every shipping transaction, we circle the phone number of the store on the shipping form and tell every customer; “if you have any questions, concerns or issues with this shipment, call us here at the store, we are responsible for your shipment” No 800 numbers for our customers, just local business business owners supporting our customers.

We apply the same philosophy to our print and business services. Many small businesses and service organizations are forced into large quantities to get effective pricing on the print and fulfillment products. At The UPS Store we believe that you should be able to order 100 custom fliers at a cost effective price, not be forced into the online minimum of 500.

Finally; ever walk into a big box copy shop and have to use a huge commercial photocopier? You only need 5 photocopies but somehow you have to prepay for 100 and then you use 25 of them because you can’t get the copier to work properly and it spits them out sideways and upside down! At The UPS Store we help. Personal friendly service right there and then.

We invite you to try our stores, we won’t disappoint!


Tom & Martha Wilson

Proud Owners – The UPS Store Kingston


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